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It’s kinda disheartening hearing Collard Green drop a diss on Lil Ru, considering they used to be inseparable (no homo). I got this track in my inbox over the weekend. It’s tagged “Lunch Rap” and the email title says “Who Da F*ck Is Lil Ru,” so I just combined the two for the song title. I really don’t know the reason Green and Ru fell out, but it is what it is.

Collard Green – “Lunch Rap (Who Da F*ck Is Lil Ru)”


5 Responses to “South Crack Exclusive: Collard Green – “Lunch Rap (Who Da F*ck Is Lil Ru)””

  1. J.Rocc tha Prince

    It was bound 2happen..

  2. can someone explain

    ok what did Lil Ru do to the whole SC i remember @cthagod goin in on him abt his sales and stuff what did he do …

  3. boi-dan

    Lil’ Ru is a sucker, I seen his ways years ago. The thing is Green needs to learn how to tighten his circle, you should peep these things from the beginning. Niggas die everyday from misplaced trust.

  4. Donte Regis

    i like the beat. just seems like a waste of time even talking bout lil ru. i’m not hating but he not hot….the album sales proved that.

  5. Fresh Money Or Young_FM

    Imma Just Keep My Mouth Shut…SMH (Goes Back To Listening To Joell Ortiz)

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