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October 23rd, 2009

A couple weeks ago, my homie Maurice Garland interviewed Lil Boosie for an upcoming issue of the mag that employs us, and the homies from Motion Family actually videotaped the entire interview (which is rather entertaining, I might add). But since the interview is going into print, we’re not releasing the whole video interview to the internet, but here’s a small clip of the interview, which is the WBM Quote of the Week:

“I’m the only one gotta do that time, n*ggas be talking about ‘keep your head up.’ N*gga, f*ck you, n*gga. Don’t worry about if my head up. Suck my d*ck. B!tch, I the one gotta go do this time. Ain’t none of ya’ll gonna be in that b!tch. Ya’ll gonna be at home, still wiping your ass with Charmin. F*ck, nigga, I’m the only one gotta do this…if my head down, if I’m looking mad, b!tch look the other way. Don’t tell me sh!t…bout, ‘keep ya head up.’ N*gga, f*ck all that. Put something in a n*gga account.”

I’ve been known to curse people out like that too…I feel you, Boosie.

4 Responses to “Quote Of The Week: Lil Boosie”

  1. Nika

    Damn…way keep that sh** real Boosie:-)

  2. Steelz

    Realest Shit Every Wrote Period!

  3. Rico Loco

    Yea say suck my dick to all the people who help you get them ugly ass slave shackles on you wrist. Better yet sell the ugly shit and put that on your books bitch. Why albums ain’t sellin why would I buy your shit if thats how you feel. Fuck these pussy ass n words you will get what you deserve You did the crime now do the time stop being a bitch.



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