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The homie DJ Teknikz has been telling me about this dude Lil Hot for quite some time, but I never heard any of Hot’s music until now. Luckily, my girl Ms. Rivercity keeps up with the ignorant hood music and she just hit me with the best song I ever heard. The song title says it all. In the song, Lil Hot basically calls out all the chicks he smashed, but dedicates the track to the ladies on some “Best I Ever Had” type ish, which makes this song ever more out of control and wrong on so many levels. But at the same time, that’s the reason I fuxs with this track (even though I don’t raw hoes promiscuous women). If I had the balls, this would be the kind of song I’d make but I’m too much of a gentleman to name drop the women I’ve beat up like that. Plus, I might wanna hit again, and if you say a chick’s name on record, that pretty much negates any “Coochie Coupons,” a nucca might have.

Anyways, I still think this is the best song I’ve ever heard. I could actually see this song blowing up in the hood clubs. And I can see a bunch of nuccas dancing around the club pointing to the chicks that they hit. Which really wouldn’t be a bad thing, since it would probably help nuccas figure out which girls in the clubs are hoes promiscuous girls, so men know what they’re getting into before they holla at a chick. I’m just saying.

Lil Hot – “I F*cked Her”


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10 Responses to “Song Of The Day: Lil Hot – “I F*cked Her””

  1. Fresh Money Or Young FM

    lmao This Guy Didnt Name One Intelligent Sounding name….

  2. Iz'E

    “Coochie Coupons” God forbid bad thing……

  3. MU

    This guy sucks!!lol

  4. donte regis

    lol……..this some funny ish.

  5. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    His next song gonna be I got HIV

  6. donte regis

    lmao………gem you dumb.

  7. 5Dollaz

    dis shit gator, I fux wit it, I know a few of da breezies he named, I called em and clowned on dey ass, like 4 of em his baby mama’s but he only acknowlegded 1! lol

  8. J.Rocc tha Prince

    5 wat it do…..J.Rocc still….???

  9. Big Snack'em

    I’m tripping off the logic you put to this post by breaking down the usefulness of this song in a club setting. Too many niggas point at the same chick, you know who to put the pressure on for the night if you’re trying to get a nut. EVERY nigga point at her, you know that you’re looking at scorched earth.

    Powerful song, but I know there’s an ignorant-ass “No Pigeons” response in the works by Keisha An’Em

  10. Amir Thompson

    Thank you for posting that awesome tune ;) I really like it!

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