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I saw this mixtape on Chas’ blog awhile back, but I pretty much slept on it. Skewby (or it might have been one of the DJs that hosted this) hit me up on some Ozone ish about it too. I told him I was gonna check it out, but I never did (*Kanye shrug*). Anyways, I stumbled across a blog on TSS about him, and I just checked out a Skewby song called “No Handlebars,” and that sh!t is jammin’. This Skewby guy sounds pretty dope, so I’ma finally checkout this mixtape, and I’m gonna recommend you all take a listen too (especially all you “hip-hop Is dead” azz nuccas). I know I’m late, but hey, better late than never, right?

Mixtape Download: Skewby – Proving You Wrong Since 1988

Keep going for the tracklist.


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