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I’ve been hearing this song on the radio for a few weeks now, (but ya’ll know I bump the other stations in the whip), and all this time I thought it was Sean Kingston. You know, Kingston’s down with JR Rotem and he went straight pop on you rappin’ azz nuccas. But I was wrong, Jason Derulo is actually his label mate.  To be honest, I don’t know anything about Jason Derulo, and I simply just don’t even feel like googling him. This song kinda jams though.


I fuxs with Rich Hil. Download this. (What up Sickamore).

Mixtape Download: Rich Hil & Don Cannon – Limos Were Cool In The 90′s

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The homie TrapSTAR has a new mixtape coming out where he’s basically jacking for beats. Trap sent over a few tracks off the mixtape, and he gave The Block a shout out in this “Windows Up” freestyle, so I had to post it. Shouts out to Stupid Dope Moves.

TrapSTAR – “Windows Up” Freestyle


TrapSTAR – “Hussle In The House” Freestyle


I don’t care what nobody says, I fuxs with these Travis Porter dudes. They just wanna have fun and get at the hoes promiscuous girls. You can’t be mad at that. (Teknikz, what up).

Download: Travis Porter – “Go Shawty Go”


Wiz Khalifa dropped his album Deal Or No Deal today. You can get that here, if you want it. Yeah, I know the cover is kinda wack, but Wiz’s music ain’t bad. Fux with it. Here’s a leak that’s been floating around the net.

Wiz Khalifa – “Young Boy Talk”



Here it is. Finally. The long awaited new album, Where Is Danny?,  by my dude D. Swain. And yes, this is an album and not a mixtape. And yes it is available for free download. Danny’s label, Def Jux, didn’t want to clear the samples on the album. So, fux Def Jux we were going to put it out independently. But since the album leaked via Imeem over the week, we figured, why not just put it out for free. No need to wait on retail. F*ck it. Happy Thanksgiving.

There will be another version for retail with some bonus tracks in the coming weeks, but for right now, feel free to check this out. Enjoy.

Album Download: Danny! – Where Is Danny?

Tracklist is available after the jump.

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Dope video. One of my favorite songs on the Slaughterhouse album.

I fuxs with Lily Allen, and I like this song. The whole Elton John thing threw me off though.

I apologize for the late start. Long weekend, and Mondays are the worst. I’ma try to get caught up now. Welcome to another week on The Block. This video is kinda lame, but this joint be jammin’.

November 20th, 2009


We’re supposed to put Danny!’s new album Where Is Danny? out soon. Buuuuuuuut, I don’t know where Danny is. I’ma just leak the title track for right now, and hopefully we’ll be able to get the album out soon.

Danny! – “Where Is Danny?”