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Charleston Fashion Week is March 16-20. Don’t sleep on my home city. We get it in on the low.

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6 Responses to “Charleston Fashion Week 2010”

  1. O_tothe_K

    Yea buddy I cant wait. I rode downtown and saw a couple signs. They got some wine festival this weekend that I might hit up. Get my inner wine sommelier groove on lol

  2. Randy Exclusive

    I gonna miss it again. I miss going to stuff like this in Charleston.

  3. KJtheGreat

    yes…got all access passes this year. i had to do some things i’m not proud of but it was totally worth it.

  4. Zee

    Uhhh Fashion Week??? South Crack??? You pullin my chain??? Smh lol

  5. Randy Exclusive

    I’ma need you to get off my state like that Zee.

  6. "O"

    yea Zee, in 2008 they talked about Charleston Fashion Week on E! News so its pretty legit, jealous? lol

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