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My dude Pero sent me this track by P. Hardy, out of Spartanburg, SC, and I thought it’d be a good one for Pump It or Dump It. Ya’ll know the routine, so Pump It or Dump It?

P. Hardy – “Another Bottle”


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10 Responses to “Pump It or Dump It: P. Hardy – “Another Bottle””

  1. Rebellious "G"

    Not bad…I don’t think it’s a single but I can stomach it with a lil’ pepto-bismol…Pump it

  2. Quell Keith

    yeah pump it even know its not my cup of tea but, its not bad bruh!!

  3. donte regis

    This was cool. Beat was str8 and flow was decent. Pump it.

  4. J.Rocc tha Prince

    its aight…pump its diff…

  5. KJtheGreat

    i like it. pump it. buddy reppin’ Indiana on his MySpace though…is he FROM Sparty or just live there now?

  6. Randy Exclusive

    His dad is from Spartanburg, mom from Indiana. Split time in both states. He moved to SC in 94. But went back to Indiana for college.

  7. Sly

    i can fuck wit…pump it

  8. Jigg

    Nice Flow homey

  9. Randy Exclusive

    I guess that’s a Pump It.

  10. Writer's Block Media

    [...] featured P. Hardy in Pump It or Dump It a few weeks back and his song was pretty cool. If anyone is interested his [...]

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