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Jigg is a new rapper from SC (not to be confused with Jigg from Miami), that’s down with the kid Quell Keith and they’re making some noise out of Batesberg-Leesville. Jigg can rap a little, so if you’re a fan of SC rap music, this is worth a listen. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: Jigg – Radio Play

Back cover is after the jump.

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9 Responses to “Jigg – Radio Play (Mixtape)”

  1. akshun

    yes this shit is dope. good job jigg

  2. TylerD.O.?ohnson

    MY lil cuz goin in doin king shit south crack salute lil king

  3. Jigg

    Thanks fellaz..Good Lookin R.E

  4. Fred

    Yeah this mixtape is off the hook!!!

  5. JLanOnTheBEAT!!!

    This tape goes hard!
    We just getting started!

    3,5,11,20 -JLan On the Beat!!!

  6. boi-dan

    Lexington County in the house, but he needs to change that name. Jig(aboo) is a racist slur. A decent amount of black people do not know this, but white people do and will laugh behind your back on it……….

  7. Jigg

    It’s JIGG not Jigaboo..thanks for commenting though

  8. Quell Keith


  9. Consuela Bogumil

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    Thank You

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