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For those of you not familiar with Mika Means, she’s a singer/songwriter/rapper signed to Universal Motown. She’s down with the Girls Club (that’s D. Woods and Shanell of Young Money’s click) and she has written for Lil Wayne, Usher, Danity Kane, and worked with a lot more people, but I just don’t feel like naming them all. Anyways, “What’s My Name” is her latest single, and it’s produced by my homie, South Carolina native and Million Dollar Dreamz affiliate Jiggy Jay. So, support this joint by any means necessary.

Mika Means – “What’s My Name” (prod. Jiggy Jay)


Bonus: Mika Means feat. Lil Wayne – Everybody Knows Me

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4 Responses to “Mika Means – “What’s My Name” (prod. Jiggy Jay)”

  1. BANK!

    Damn, This shit goes hard… I see you Jay!

  2. Ms.Chriss

    Yipee Yipee Yi Yi Yooooo…..CERTIFIED BANGER!

  3. sunil prakash

    find a meaning

  4. sunil prakash

    meaning of my name

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