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This is a joint off the Transfers mixtape that they dropped the other day. They’re pushing this as their single, so here’s the No DJ version for those that want it. This is probably my favorite song off Above The Radar, and my girl Bonita is on here, so I’m fuxin’ wit it.

Transfers feat. Mike Man & Bonita – “Breakfast In Bed”


If You Missed It: Transfers – Above The Radar (Mixtape)

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5 Responses to “Transfers feat. Mike Man & Bonita – “Breakfast In Bed””

  1. BANK!

    WOW! LOL

  2. iLL WiLL

    How you still friends with the enemy LB?!?

  3. Nita

    Really?!?! The enemy…wow

  4. iLL WiLL

    u know “I be sayin that just to get you mad” -Mase

  5. KJtheGreat

    this aight but i’m digging that “2 Oclock” track more.

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