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Young FM is a young rapper from Columbia, SC, and he posts comments on The Block more than anyone else I know, so just out of support, I’ve featured him in Pump It or Dump It a couple times. I believe FM dropped this song a couple weeks ago, and I think he tried to hit me with it on Twitter. But trying to send music links to me on Twitter is like a stripper bouncing her ass in front of a blind man, I don’t see you hoes. But he finally figured it out and emailed some tracks to me. “Interception” is produced by J. Slayer, who’s the dude that makes beats for Varsity (of “Crunk Dat Roy” fame), and FM sent a couple freestyles too, but I’m too lazy to download and upload those, but I’m sure you can find them on his Twitter page if you want ‘em. Young FM’s mixtape with DJ Banyon Cannon is coming in April.

Young FM – “Interception”


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7 Responses to “Young FM – “Interception””

  1. Young_FM

    Yeaa Good looks RE…… We Goin April Foolish This Year!…Let The Hate Begin….

  2. akshun

    i likes this joint. it’s on the ipod

  3. Young_FM

    good looks fam!

  4. gunnz


  5. KJtheGreat

    other than the fact that i really wish people would rap about brands OTHER than Prada and True Religion i like this. i too love interceptions and flexing.


  6. Young_FM

    Good Looks Fam!!!

  7. J.Rocc tha Prince


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