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I took a couple weeks off from Pump It or Dump It, but eff it, it’s back. This week I got a cat out of Columbus, Ohio name Armond that hit me on Twitter about getting featured, so here goes. I believe this song is off a mixtape he either put out or is about to put out. I didn’t research enough to find out, but if you’re interested you can hit his website here.

Pump It or Dump It?

Armond – “Rearview/Dashboard” (prod. Doc)


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17 Responses to “Pump It or Dump It: Armond – “Rearview/Dashboard””

  1. donte regis

    I fux with it. pump it. reminds me of rapper big pooh on some little brother/hall of justus type ish.

  2. akshun

    yeah. this is pretty cool. pump it. he may want to a find a different press pic though

  3. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    I heard 37 secs of it and thats IT… PUMP IT
    but wtf is up with members only jacket???

  4. thiz

    Pump this shit in the ride.

  5. Dan Johns

    Pump it…homie got a nice mic presence, and something to say

  6. Sly

    i can fuck wit it….pump it

  7. Quell Keith

    Pump It!!

  8. b-sam

    Pump It

  9. Jigg

    This junk right here hard..

  10. Armond

    Appreciate all the feedback

    I thought I sent a pic with the song, but it’s cool. LOL @ members only!!!

    “Rearview” is the 1st single off my album “Dreaming Out Loud”, it’s available at

    I also released a mixtape in Feb called “The Nina Mosley Experience” & my next project is “Snooze Button 2″…kinda in the No Ceilings/Enemy Of The State vein, I’m just spazzing on beats. “Dreaming Out Loud” has all the subject matter & concepts. Again, all are available on my Bandcamp site.

    Thanks again Randy, good look.

  11. Armond

    my bad, hit me on twitter too @armondwakeup

  12. Randy Exclusive

    The picture you sent was too small. Haha.

  13. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Randy set u up … lol

  14. 5dollaz

    Pump it, but dog look like Bert off Sesame Street

  15. thascribe

    PUMP IT…this is what hip hop needs

  16. ldash

    pump it. i like this

  17. Armond

    thanks again everybody…

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