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Ok,  I won’t go as far as to say Kush and Orange Juice is the best mixtape ever, but it is safe to say that ish jams and Wiz Khalifa had the internet going nuts yesterday (no Paul Wall). I wrote a drop for the plantation if anyone wants to check it out. And if you still haven’t heard Wiz’s new mixtape, do yourself a favor and click here. Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Orange Juice

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10 Responses to “Kush & OJ Is The Best Mixtape Ever”

  1. PassportGeoff

    Taylor Gang or Die….

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yeeeeah bitch!

  3. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Not feelin it …sounds like an east coast version of Too Short

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Shit, a east coast version of Too Short sounds good to me.

  5. boi-dan

    Sh1111t, I’mmma have to check this out then. Youngin on His Grind was epic.


    ever since that show at the loft…….all i been play is Wiz and of course WarrenJae………but Kush & OJ is smooth to ride to…….

  7. Quell Keith

    that shit bangin’

  8. akshun

    i like this.

  9. Steelz

    Classic Mixtape!

  10. Sly

    dats a winner

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