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If anyone is interested, I interviewed Little Brother over at the plantation’s site. So, you guys can head over there if you wanna take a look. If not, I can sum up the interview for you guys. I basically interviewed them about the new and last Little Brother album, Leftback. And I just wanted to know why this was the last album as a group and what was gonna be next for Phonte and Pooh as they went their separate ways. Basically, Pooh was like, man, I’m still rapping. So, you can keep checking for my rap sh*t. Whereas Phonte was more like, man, forget this rap ish, I’m about to sing and produce. I mean, Little Brother is one of my favorite rap groups of all-time, so seeing these dudes call it quits on the duo tip is kinda sad. But they gave up 3 and 1/2 dope albums (I don’t really like Leftback), and a bunch of mixtapes, so it is what it is. Check the interview. Interview: Little Brother

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