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As promised, here’s RE’s new mixtape The Regeneration Project, presented by DJ Toomp and the Blackberry Boyz. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: RE – The Regeneration Project

Back cover…keep going…

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A couple weeks ago this guy Jay’are hit my inbox and Twitter to let me know he had a new single dropping with Maryliz The Princess (what up Mary), and I quote, “It’s to be release tonight at 8pm.” (Click this link if you think I’m making this up). First off, how the hell are you gonna email me a song, and on top of that give me directions on what time to post it? Anyways, since the guy is from Charleston, I was still kind enough to listen to the track, and decided that I didn’t like it. It wasn’t super wack, but it didn’t sound like something I wanted to post. And I even emailed him back and gave him some pointers of things to work on to be a better artist. In which he replied: Cool. My album Dedicated comes out on April 20th. (You guys should have seen the look on my *O_o* face).

The next day, I guess J.R. saw that myself and my girl Tasha from, whom he sent his new single to as well, didn’t bother putting his song up. So he takes to Twitter wondering why, and said that if you’re gonna promote SC music, than you should promote everyone. (Oh really?).

You know, I don’t even know why Jay’are wanted to be on The Block. His album was already downloaded 3,000 times in the first week. And that’s great for a indie SC artist. Plus, according to website, his previous mixtape (although I never heard it), was the SC mixtape of the year. And his site was voted #1 Website in South Carolina, (but I’m guessing the voting took place on You guys might want to check his site out though. It’s pretty cool. It even has a Q&A interview with Jay’are, which…correct me if I’m wrong… is like him interviewing himself, right? (Damn. Why didn’t I think of that?).

Anyhoo, Jay’are wanted to be on The Block, so I’m gonna give him what he asked for (sorry if it’s a few days late and not at 8 pm like you asked homie). You guys be the judge. Here is Jay’are’s single with Maryliz. And ya’ll know the rules. Pump it or Dump It? But since he already hit 3,000 downloads, and since the album sold out in Charleston in an astounding 3 hours, I’m sure most you have already heard it. And if not, Dedicated the album is out now.

Pump It or Dump It: Jay’are feat. Mary Liz – “If You Were My Girl”

The homie Skewby drops a verse over 8Ball & MJG’s new single. Skewby has a couple projects in the works that’ll be out soon. And shouts to AT.

Skewby – “Bring It Back (Freestyle)”


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You think Eminem heard when we said his last album sucked balls? Because this ish right here is 10 x better than anything that was Relapse. The internets are going in today.

Eminem – “Not Afraid” (prod. Boi-1da) (tags)


Spotted @ RR.

Update: From what I hear, that’s the album cover.

Oh wow. This is the gayest Drake song I’ve ever heard…

Drake – “Find Your Love” (prod. Kanye West)


Thank Me Later drops on June 15th.

I’m not sure who this Apollo kid is (I know Cartel), but he’s ridin’ on this joint. I like this ish…my new Carolina anthem right here.

Apollo feat. Carlos Cartel – “Kakalak Kid”


Lasers is gonna be out one day…not sure when though. But one day.

Spotted @ Rap Radar.

Pre-Game, hosted by DJ B-Lord, is coming soon.

I featured P. Hardy in Pump It or Dump It a few weeks back and his song was pretty cool. If anyone is interested his mixtape was released this week, so feel free to check this out if you liked the single. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: P. Hardy – Who The F*ck Is P. Hardy?

Shouts to Patro.

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April 27th, 2010

There goes Stacey Dash again…the video chicks in the other scenes make for good eye candy too.

Bonus Video: Game – “400 Bars”