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Killin’ these hoes promiscuous girls since ’92…’s Hot 10…#2…Stacey Dash.

Stacey Dash

Birthday: January 20, 1966 (age 44)
Hometown: The Bronx, New York
What She Do?: Actress

What can I say about Stacey Dash that hasn’t already been seen? She’s been killin’ it since Mo’ Money and Clueless days. Not killing it in the sense of she’s a good actress, but there haven’t been many finer women than Stacey Dash to grace the silver and small screens. Even at 44, she’s looking better than women half her age, and she’s in the running with Halle Berry for the finest MILF “of all-time!!” (Kanye). She’s been married about three times, recently divorced, running around with Jamie Foxx and she gives it up on the first date, but there ain’t a man on Earth that wouldn’t look passed all that. Gentlemen and ladies,’s Hot 10, #2…Stacey Dash.

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Earlier this week Drake had a show in Charlotte, NC, and my brother Cleve checked it out to, as he would say, “document and tell the story.” If you’re a Block regular, you already know how Cleve does. And he sent over a few pics to share with you all. So hit the jump for some more pictures, and you can always visit to see more of his work.

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As promised. Enjoy.

Mixtape Download: T.I., DJ Drama & DJ MLK – F*ck a Mixtape

Props to

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I think I love my wife?…’s Hot 10…#3…Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington

Birthday: January 31, 1977 (age 33)
Hometown: New York, NY
What She Do?: Actress

I’ll be honest, I know Kerry Washington isn’t drop dead gorgeous, and unless you’ve seen She Hate Me and I Think I Love My Wife, you probably don’t feel me on this one. But I’m not afraid to stand alone right now. See, Kerry Washington is the prime example of a women having sex appeal without having big tits and a donk (although, we do appreciate big tits and donk). I didn’t really start checking for Kerry until I saw She Hate Me, and that was pretty much Spike Lee’s attempt at soft core porn. That’s the movie where the dude impregnated like 20 women for cash, and Kerry Washington played the character that was pimping that nucca. But there’s that one scene when Kerry and her girlfriend (yeah, girlfriend) were getting it on in the kitchen…and that other scene when she let the dude hit it…man

And then she had Chris Rock so fuxed up in I Think I Love My Wife, I was pissed off like a muthaf@cka when he didn’t put that down in the end when she was laid out on the bed ready to give that nucca the ass. If that was me, I wouldn’t been all up in that thing, but I digress.

I really think she’s underrated, and her lips alone are some of the sexiest in the business. So I don’t care what ya’ll say, gentlemen and ladies,’s Hot 10, #3…Kerry Washington.

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Well, here’s the first of a couple big names dropping mixtapes today (T.I. being the other). The Albert Anastisia EP serves as the prequel to Ricky Rawse’s upcoming Teflon Don album. I don’t really fux with Officer Ricky like that, but he does make good music, so this should be good. Enjoy.

Download: Rick Ross – The Albert Anastasia EP

Back cover is down below.

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Miss Keri, babyyyyyyyy…’s Hot 10…#4…Keri Hilson.

Keri Hilson

Birthday: December 5, 1982 (age 27)
Hometown: Decatur, GA
What She Do?: Singer/Songwriter

A couple years back, when I was looking for a Valentine, Keri Hilson was on my list of potential dates, but that never really worked out. She’s still as sexy now as she was back then, and KH ain’t like these hoes promiscuous girls out here. You never see her taking raunchy photos. In fact, she was in King Magazine a few years ago, and she barely showed any skin, unlike a chick like Trina, who has no problem letting that ass hang out. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the back shots, but you have to applaud Keri Hilson for carrying herself like a lady. Now, I bet she’s probably a freak in the bed. But that’s neither here, nor there. But Miss Keri, baby is fine as hell. Gentlemen and ladies,’s Hot 10, #4…Keri Hilson.

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“Nicki, don’t stop, you the bestest,”…’s Hot 10…#5…Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj

Hometown: Jamaican Queens, New York
What She Do?: Rapper/Singer

I’ll be real, this list is kinda dragging along, and that’s just because I’m too lazy to blog on the weekends, so I promise to wrap this joint up this week. Anyways, my #5 hottest chick on the scene is the sexy ass Nicki Lewinski. They say she got a boobs job and her ass is fake, oh, and most people can’t stand that high pitched rapping voice, yada, yada, yada. To be quite frank, I don’t really give a fux about none of that. Fake or not, the girl looks good to me, and that’s all the really matters around here. Actually, the picture above pretty much says it all. And I don’t think I can possibly write anything that any straight man (or bi female) hasn’t already thought about Nicki, so I’m just gonna stop and let her pictures do the talking. Gentlemen and ladies,’s Hot 10, #5…Nicki Minaj.

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Yesterday, the homie Boss G put on for the state of South Carolina in a major way for his “Hobby” video shoot. Yesterday’s shoot was, in my opinion, the most professional set up any rap artist from South Carolina has ever put together, and you have to applaud this man for his grind work. Boss had the all the essentials of a rap video shoot: A professional camera crew, a director (what up $5), foreign cars, a make-up artist, refreshments, goons an entourage and most importantly, the video hoes promiscuous models. But all in all, the homie did his thing, and I can’t wait to see how the video turns out (so I can show my mama my cameo).

For anyone that missed it, my brother Clevis took a gang of behind the scenes pics, and you can view those on his website And was again, shouts to Boss G, Boss Lady, 5 Dollaz, and everyone else involved in this epic SC event. Boss G “Hobby” Video Shoot

Boss G – “Hobby”







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