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From what I gathered, yesterday Rozay, Spitta and Young Khalifa blew some trees, shot a video for the “Super High (Remix),” got tatted up at City of Ink in ATL and dropped this track at 4:30 am. Ya’ll know that I don’t really eff with Ross, but Curren$y and Wiz are two of my favorite up-and-coming rappers, so I gotta give props to Ross for fuxing with the Jets and the Taylors.

Rick Ross feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – “Super High (Remix)”

Download Rick Ross feat. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa-”Super High” (remix)??? (City of Ink Pics)

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13 Responses to “Rick Ross feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – “Super High (Sativa Remix))””

  1. Steelz

    good stuff!

  2. Quell Keith


  3. akshun


  4. warrenJae

    mmmmhhmm….peep game…dope tho

  5. 5dollaz

    Currensy aint dat hot no mo, and da Wiz not impressive @ at all. Im lookin forward 2 a BMF remix wit a better rapper than Styles, cuz he fux up da song

  6. akshun

    yeah styles didn’t fit on that song at all. jeezy shoulda been on it.

  7. Randy Exclusive

    You’re right about Styles, he doesn’t fit that song. But you gotta really listen to Wiz’s stuff. He’s not gonna impress you with his lyrics unless you love money, weed and hoes. It’s just feel good music, you gotta take it for what it is.

  8. 5dollaz

    Dude just aint hot….Its actually scary that ppl like dude. especially when ppl complainin bout rappers talkin bout da same shit, then turn and praise dude like he different!?!

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Well shit I guess I’m guilty because I like his shit a lot. His stuff sounds different to me too. You gotta go to a Wiz show. His music are good performance shows too.

  10. Quell Keith

    I Respect Wiz Bc he bringing something nu to the table im not a smoker but, im a hella FAN of the MUSIC bc i kno’ he will never let me dwn he gon be here for years and years to come and get better and better as the years go dude only 22 gotta respect that!!

  11. 5dollaz

    Yall call Lightin a blunt up on Stage a show?? yall blinded, I promise. its respect bcuz he doin his thang, age aint got shit 2 do wit it. Dude rap about da same shit everybody else do. yall blinded! trust me, not 4 the fact dat yall like dat music, but 4 da fact yall cant really say Y! Thinking u being DIFFERENT is a huge bandwagon right now.

  12. 5dollaz

    Only thing different is the production

  13. Randy Exclusive

    Same lyrics, but a lot of times it’s not what you say but how you say it. At the end of the day his music sounds good. And that’s really the ultimate goal of an artist. Make the music sound good.

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