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Just to be 100 about the situation, I don’t believe anything coming out of this guy’s mouth or tweets, but it’s getting harder not to rock with him because he makes good music. I might be becoming a Ricky Rozay fan all over again. That song with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y didn’t help either. Matter of fact, behind the scenes footage from the “Super High (Remix)” video with Spitta and Wiz is in the cut.

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3 Responses to “Rick Ross – “Fire Hazard” (Video)”

  1. KJtheGreat

    haha I just wrote about him yesterday. and trust you’re not the only person with conflicting feelings on the situation.


  2. Randy Exclusive

    I just read that before I saw your comment. How about this, eff Rick Ross, but I eff with Rozay. Does that make sense? I’m sticking to that.

  3. KJ

    I like that…”Imma call him Rozay!”

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