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Flockaveli is coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

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21 Responses to “Waka Flocka Flame & DJ Holiday – Flockaveli (Mixtape Trailer)”

  1. 5dollaz

    I chops wit waka da xtra way, But if he got a bunch shit like dis on da tape, I aint fuxxin wit it

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Flocka goes hard in the muthafuckin paint, no?

  3. akshun

    man this was funny. he was really trying to rap. i’ll give him an e for effort

  4. Quell Keith

    im feelin’ this real rap shit at least he tryin’ something diff. and something that will make him last longer in the game!! real talk if im wrong correct me

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Nah you’re right Quell. People shit on Waka for not rapping. But then when he tries to really rap, they still shit on him. He’s trying to get better. You gotta at least respect that.

  6. KJtheGreat

    Oh, applaud him on his effort if you will but let’s not kid ourselves. This shit is WACK! But you know what, at the end of the day…Imma download it! haha

  7. akshun

    if he gets someone to coach him he can do it!

  8. 5dollaz

    Rap is like food. Its different kinds, for different occasions, u dont like it dont eat it. Dude make club music, I like hearing dude on ignorant buss yo head type shit, dats what he good at. Dude is gettin 5 shows a week & sure got alotta fans. Basically he good at da music he do. U cant satisfy everybody, it aint meant to be like dat.

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, but if you don’t really have talent that shit doesn’t last. The guys with true lyrical talent have 10 year runs, that’s Jay-Z, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, T.I., Kanye, rappers like that. If you can’t really rap, you get a year or two and then the clubs are on to the next ignorant rapper because that music isn’t timeless. It’s trendy.

  10. Quell Keith

    @Randy Cosign thats what i was really tryin’ to say!!!

  11. 5dollaz

    @RE & Quell, everybody aint goin be like dat tho it just aint meant. and for the record, he done said waaaaaaay more intriguing shit than dat rap. Like I said, some rappers made for certain shit! U gotta know ur roll in entertainment. Everbody cant be dat nigga, dats wat make music what it is.

  12. Randy Exclusive

    It’ll be your fault when Waka falls off $5.

  13. 5dollaz

    LOL! Come on man, he just good 4 what he do! U see how jeezy fallin off, cuz he tryin 2 “RAP”

  14. Randy Exclusive

    Nope. Jeezy is falling off because he’s not growing. He should be growing into a superstar rapper, but he keeps trying to take it back to the streets on some trap or die shit. He needs to do like Rick Ross is doing, but he don’t get it. All his music sounds the same.

  15. Donte Regis

    ****crickets chirpping*****

  16. Young_FM

    *I Cant Believe Im AbOut To Say This* But……. I Respect Waka For Tryna Rap…Wish He Wouldnt Rep NY Tho Thats Gonna Start Problems……But Yea Flocka Better Stop Tryna Be A MC B4 He Lose All Dem Lil Girl Fans Who Pay 4 Itunes LMAO!

  17. Akshun

    Same applies to 50

  18. Quell Keith

    @Randy Cosign Jeezy Shoudl Be Doin’ What Ross Doing, When A Guy Like Jay-Z Step Down To Try And Pick You Up Move Up And Grow Up In To That Superstar Rapper Jay Tryin’ To Make You!!!

  19. Randy Exclusive

    Exactly, Quell!!

    And Young FM, from what I heard Waka was born in NY. I don’t know if they makes a difference.

  20. akshun

    what’s happening really is these trap dudes are really rap nerds. lol. i knew something was odd when jeezy was trying to compare him and shawty redd to jeru da damaja and primo. LOL

  21. Randy Exclusive

    Jeezy has no idea who jeru da damaja is.

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