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I hate to keep adding fuel to this Lil Ru and Boss G situation, but I posted the initial video, and I know a lot of people want to know how the whole thing started and whatnot, so my girl Tasha over at took it upon herself to interview Lil Ru’s babymama about what happened. Smh. Hopefully this will put an end to all the gossip and rumors, but I doubt it will. Part 2 (above) talks about what happened that day leading up to the fight. Part 1 (below) talks about how Ru’s babymama thinks he’s a deadbeat. I’m done…

If You Missed It: Lil Ru vs. The Goons (Video)

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6 Responses to “ Interview w/Lil Ru’s Babymama”

  1. Young_FM

    Its None Of My Business But i Dont Think Its Gonna Be Over Until The Whole Video Of That Fight Is Leaked……But I Hope This BS Will be Over Soon Not A Good Look 4 SC

  2. akshun

    yeah what he said

  3. bullshit

    what she is saying is so not true i mean come on you mean to tell me somebody was just standing around with a camera to get a clear shot of all of this CMON SON ……they set that up to me to promote that song

  4. b-sam

    @ the last comment…I could not agree more and I like ur name because it defines the whole situation!!!

  5. Brooks

    By just observing the video, a valid argument exists for the notion that this was not a set-up. However, after hearing the disdain this young lady has for Mr. Ru, and the fact that Mr. G and his Goons just happen to pay her a visit when Mr. Ru was scheduled to drop his son off makes the video look like this was a well planned publicity stunt. Well played Mr. G, if this was a publicity stunt it definitely worked. Although, it makes this alleged beef look more like WWE promotional beef than anything real.
    Good luck to everyone involved with the South Carolina Music Awards taking place this weekend. I admire your entrepreneurial spirit, passion for your craft, and creativity.

  6. Bruce Wayne

    Part 1 (below) talks about how Ru’s babymama thinks he’s a deadbeat. I’m done…

    “I’m done” = LMAO

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