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My boy Monte told me to checkout this kid Benjamin Starr’s project, so I listened it out last night, and it’s pretty solid. Benjamin Starr is an up-and-coming rap artist from Charleston, SC, and it’s nice to see a rap artist from the hometown with dope rhymes and lyrical content. Salute to the young homie for making quality hip-hop music. SC hip-hop fans should really appreciate this. Enjoy.

Download: Benjamin Starr – The Experience

Back cover is underneath.

6 Responses to “Benjamin Starr – The Experience LP”

  1. akshun

    ima check this out. downloading now

  2. Randy Exclusive

    You’re gonna fux with this one bruh.

  3. Steelz

    looks pretty good. downloading now…will listen to tom..goodlook Randy!

  4. kj

    That “Grinding Muzik” track is my shit.

  5. ShawnT


  6. akshun

    listening to this shit now and it’s SOUNDING DOPE AS HEEEEEEEEEEELL!

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