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August 23rd, 2010

Lottery Ticket, the movie starring Bow Wow, premiered this weekend and I saw it. Not that this type of coon movie is the kind of film I’d pay $10 to see on its opening weekend (wait, did ya’ll know movies are $10 a pop now?), but my 14-year-old nephew wanted to see it, so I bit the bullet and took the kid to the movies, instead of running the risk of him hanging out with wannabe gang bangers and becoming one of those fake Bloods…Big Uncle R.E. went to see Lottery Ticket.

If you saw the previews, you know exactly what happens in this movie. Bow Wow is a kid in the projects that wins the lottery, but has to survive through 4th of July weekend in order to claim his winnings, in which he has to fend off everybody trying to steal the ticket from him and deal with everyone else up in his face looking for a hand out. I can’t sit here and say that this movie is all bad, I mean it is pretty predictable, but it does have it’s moments that are good for a few laughs. Brandon T. Jackson is in the movie too, and he’s rounding out to be a good actor/comedian, and old girl from 3LW is in this flick too, and she doesn’t look as ridiculous as an actress as she did playing Lil Kim in Notorious.

And for my fellas, Tierra Miara is in this movie looking good as a muddasucka and she’s almost worth the price of admission by herself.

Well she ain’t quite worth $10, but if you go to a matinee she’s worth $5 or whatever it costs before 5 pm. Anyways, Lottery Ticket doesn’t call for a long drawn out review…it’s similar to any other Ice Cube produced film that doesn’t have Chuck Tucker in it. Basically take Next Friday, add some Barbershop, a little bit of Are We There Yet?, make Bow Wow the lead actor and Brandon T. Jackson his side kick, and there you have it…Lottery Ticket.

All and all–taking Tierra Miara’s presence into consideration—I’m gonna give Lottery Ticket three chicken sandwiches. It’s not the funniest ish ever, but it has a little humor and it’s exactly what I expected.


5 Responses to “Movie Review: Lottery Ticket”


    I died when that nigga said he was takin homegirl to the NEW waffle house lol

    Review is spot on

  2. Randy Exclusive

    You saw that shit too? Now I don’t feel so bad.


    Yeah my lady wanted to see it. And I didn’t mind seein tierra Marie.

    Bow wow song at the end sucked

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Oh. Yeah and that Bow Wow song sucked before I saw the movie but it made sense as a soundtrack song. It still sucked though.

  5. Maxie Colter

    Is still alive? or did he get shot again?!

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