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Every now and then I’m introduced to musical greatest that I really have no words to describe, but yet I still hit The Block and try to present it to yall regardless. Today’s case in point is Ashanti “The Mad Violinist” Floyd—from what I know he’s a violinist/producer that already has a Grammy nomination under his belt for production credits he punched in along side Kane Beatz (Lil Wayne featuring Drake “Right About It,” Birdman featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga “Loyalty”), but aside from being apart of Kane’s production team The Building, The Mad Violinist is the front man in an orchestra that goes by the name Symphony Crack.

The reason I’m having a hard time explaining this is because Symphony Crack is some next level ish. Basically the orchestra consists of Matt Barrett on guitar, Mikey Belluso on bass, Chris Morgan with the keys, drummer Casey Cragan, Lance Powlis playing the horns, Adrian Crutchfield as the sax guy, and then The Mad Violinist leading the group’s instrumentation. No rapping, no singing, or whatever other kind of monkey ish you negroes do with a microphone nowadays…Symphony Crack is just music. And the first single off their upcoming album The Addiction is properly title “Muzik.”

I’ve had this song on repeat for about an hour now, and no words can explain it other than to say it’s the dopeness. I really shouldn’t say anything more, just check the track below. Also, be on the lookout for the Symphony Crack documentary, filmed and directed by Sam King & TJ Asuega Filmz of Million Dollar Dreamz. (hi haters).

The Mad Violinist & Symphony Crack Orchestra – “Muzik


Some visuals of the Mad Violinist & Symphony Crack, set to “Muzik” are in the cut. And if anyone’s interested, Symphony Crack will be performing in Atlanta at the King Plow Art Center, along with Killer Mike, on October 14th. And Symphony Crack is producing Killer Mike’s next album, too.

4 Responses to “The Mad Violinist & Symphony Crack Orchestra – “Muzik””

  1. Nanci O

    the coolest thing about this is that Killer Mike (and also Big Boi who performed w/ the Ballet) aren’t afraid to step outside of the hip hop music box.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    That’s why they’re great.

  3. Asa Pressley

    Just when I’m like forget hip hop, rap, or whatever else we callin’ lack luster muzik…Great Post homie!!!

  4. Mr. Marques

    That’s the type of ish that puts my soul at ease and sets me free. Good lookin’ my dude!

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