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October 31st, 2010

This week for Where Is Hip Hop?, Nanci O and myself discussed the growth in hip-hop outside of music, with Rhymefest running for councilman in Chicago, and Bun B teaching a class at Rice University, and Waka Flocka’s views on education…well, Waka ain’t really growth but we talked about him too. And make sure ya’ll go out and vote on Tuesday.

Where Is Hip Hop? (Episode 63): Hip Hop Rocks The Vote

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One Response to “Where Is Hip Hop? (Episode 63)”

  1. Mr. Marques

    Hip-Hop is doing big things. I absolutely love it. Much respect to Rhymefest. Its good to see the positive amongst the bullshit that surrounds hip hop and our artists. We really do have some grown ass men on some real shit and about their big boy business.

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