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A lot of my Twitter followers were tweeting about this kid named Tha Joker, apparently he put out a mixtape hosted by the homie DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo called Why So Serious?, and it’s been getting some good feedback. But unbeknown to me, this Joker guy already has quite the following. I did some quick research on him and although he’s only 20, he’s been rapping for a minute, even though I’m just now hearing about him. I looked on youtube and a few of his videos have over a million views, and to put that into perspective, most of the rappers that are on last year’s XXL Freshman cover still can’t drop a video that gets a million views (but I’m not calling any names).

Anyways, a few tidbits on Tha Joker, he’s from Jackson, Mississippi (same city as David Banner), about a year ago he claimed Soulja Boy stole his flow, then he proceeded to diss SB on this song, and he’s down with producer Big Fruit and FTE (Big Fruit produced Bobby V’s “Beep Beep” and some other stuff you might know).

I downloaded Tha Joker’s mixtape last week, and it’s pretty cool. I mean, dude ain’t a “lyrical wizard” (c) Jay-Z, or a hip-hop savior. But if you mix a rapper like Young Jeezy with someone like Soulja Boy, sprinkle in some witty punchlines, you’ll get Tha Joker. And if you can imagine his music is kinda jammin’, and his stuff is the music that I play in between Joe Budden and J. Cole to balance out the hardcore lyricism with some stuff I just wanna have fun to (like a Travis Porter).

So I shouted out Joker’s mixtape last week after I listened to it, and Twitter being the networking vehicle that it is, Tha Joker hit me up and told me that despite his underground and internet buzz, no blogs or magazines ever really showed him love (WorldStarHipHop not included), so I told him not to worry, I’ma fux with him. So if you see Tha Joker starting to pop up on other sites and media, just remember you saw him on The Block first.

So, if you want, the link to his Why So Serious? mixtape is below, the above video “Pot Head” is video he released today and track off his mixtape, and I posted a few of his other videos in the cut, so you guys can get a visual for his music. Either way you’ll see dude on The Block, so you might as well get familiar with him now.

Download: Tha Joker – Why So Serious? (Mixtape)

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8 Responses to “Tha Joker – “Pot Head” (Video)”

  1. future

    Anybody that claims soulja boy stole their flow, I can’t even imagine listening to.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    I know that sounds funny but he’s better than soulja. haha.

  3. Steelz

    i can ride to this..not bad

  4. akshun

    not bad. when you mentioned fb i was “ehhhhh”

  5. Randy Exclusive

    I knew that would throw people off. My bad. haha.

  6. chasdizz

    i didnt he had a new mixtape out, but “i do it for fun reloaded” was jammin tho. i posted it on my site a lil while back. and dude is waaay more entertaining and lyrical than soulja boy.

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Chas be on it!

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