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December 27th, 2010

Well folks, we’re getting close to the end of the year, so I’m going to start looking back at this past year and giving ya’ll my lists of top music in 2010. So, I’m going to start with my Top Songs of 201o. Actually, I’m just giving yall my Top Rap songs, cause if I included rock and pop, I’d probably go over a lot of people’s heads, so I’ll just keep it simple with this rap sh!t. So without further ado…here’s my Top 10 Songs of 2010:

10. Drake featuring Lil Wayne – “Miss Me”

I know some of ya’ll probably don’t realize this, but Drake put out his debut album this year, and despite all the singing, it was actually a pretty good album. “Miss Me” was probably the most hip-hop of all the tracks on the album, with Drake and Wayne going back to back with dope verses and a shitload of quotables. “Miss Me” is my favorite song on Thank Me Later and my #10 song of 2010.

9. Wiz Khalifa – “Black & Yellow”

I actually didn’t really like this song when it first came up out, but after awhile it grew on me, and it’s one of those songs that after you see the video, it makes the song a lot better. Wiz had a ridiculous breakthrough year, and “Black & Yellow” was his first record to have a major commercial impact. And with that, it’s my #9 fav song of 2010.

8. Waka Flocka featuring Wale & Roscoe Dash – “No Hands”

If you’ve ever been in the club and “No Hands” come on, then you already know. This song here is the Club Banger of the year in my opinion, and thus it’s the #8 song on my list.

7. B.o.B. featuring Eminem & Hayley Williams – “Airplanes Pt. II”

The year that B.o.B. had was simply amazing. “Airplanes Pt. II” is a record that was crossover and pop, but at the same time Bob and Em still attack the track lyrically, and in the end (unlike most of Flo Rida’s records) this song still embodies what it means to be hip-hop. They never shot a video for Pt. 2, but here’s my #7.

6. Waka Flocka featuring Diddy and Rick Ross – “Oh Lets Do It (Remix)”

“Oh Lets Do It” was that joint, but I couldn’t seriously include the original version on my Top 10. But the remix is a different story. Diddy’s verse, whether he wrote it or not, might actually be the best verse of 2010.

5. Eminem featuring Rihanna – “Love The Way You Lie”

When Em made his comeback last year, something wasn’t right. But this year was the way a comeback is supposed to be. Eminem regained his place as one of the best rappers the game has ever seen, and this song, even though he owes a lot of the dopeness to Rihanna, is the main reason why Em’s back on top.

4. Rick Ross featuring Styles P – “BMF”

Til this day, I still don’t remember Styles P is even on this year. But truth be told, Ross was falling off until he got with Lex Luger and “BMF” became the biggest record on the streets. Everyone wanted to be like Big Meech and Larry Hoover, and this was probably the most beat-jacked song of the year.

3. B.o.B. featuring Bruno Mars – “Nothing On You”

Until nothing on you, B.o.B. was my favorite underground Atlanta rapper. After this song broke, he became an international star. That’s why “Nothign On You” is #3 on my list.

2. Kanye West featuring Dwele – “Power”

I think I played “Power” 100 times the day Kanye West released it on the internet. Kanye came back with vengeance when he put out “Power.” It was just that much better, doper, and innovative than anything that was going on in rap music  this year. And it was the beginning of Kanye’s return to dominance in music. Honestly, “Power” could be the #1, but either way, 2010 belonged to Kanye West.

1. Kanye West featuring Pusha T – “Runaway”

When I think if 2010, I’ll think of the year Kanye West had. I really could have put his album as 1-10 Top songs of the year but that would have been overdoing it. But still, when I think of 2010, “Runaway” is the song that sticks in my mind the most.

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Songs of 2010”

  1. akshun

    i’ll give you 2 and 1

    i don’t care for the rest of the list..

    and diddy can NEVER have verse of the year…the list makes sense though

    and i be on that lupe song you posted that’s shit is a quotable in itself.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    I think like a suit sometimes. No boom-bap on my list. What do you expect ak? Ha!

  3. Randy Exclusive

    Oh yeah, drop your Top 10 list. I wanna see it?

  4. akshun

    i gotta find some songs first. LOL

    and runaway is boom bap!

  5. Ms.Chriss

    There’s noooo way Diddy wrote that verse…..i’m just sayin…..LOL

  6. PassportGeoff

    I think Diddy had one of the years best verses, but I think Eminem’s verse on “No Love” is takes the title this year.

  7. kj

    Um, I don’t see “The Bed Intruder” song on this list. You slipping Randy. P.S. – “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife!”

  8. Zee

    BOB shouldnt be on here twice Randy…

    I gave you a pass with Airplanes, Nothing on you was jammin too but not #3 bruh, please!

  9. ey_iStayFresh

    Yo Gotti – 5 Star gets a close honorable mention

  10. lil steve

    smh randy i didnt expect u to come like this lol

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