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I know you guys saw my Top Songs of 2010 list and figured I was on some bullsh!t, but that list was constructed from more of a commercial standpoint, and with the idea that the Top 10 Most Underrated Songs list would follow. Now with this list, here are the Top 10 songs, in my opinion, that were the best songs of the year that didn’t get much airplay or fanfare, but for the most part, these are my favorite songs of the year.

10. Freddie Gibbs – “Nation Anthem (F*ck The World)”
No rapper kept it realer than Gangsta Gibbs this year, and “F*ck The World” was an underground anthem for rap artists that did it without the push of a major label. “Record label, f*ck em/Radio, f*ck em/Hoe my sh!t still be bumpin’” -Freddie Gibbs

9. Dom Kennedy – “1997″
“1997″ off Dom Kennedy’s From The Westside With Love was like the perfect trip down memory lane back to a time when it was all so simple, and the best song on Dom’s standout project if you ask me.

8. Kendrick Lamar featuring Ab Soul – “P & P”
Kendrick Lamar had a dope year and a lot of dope records, but “P & P” was probably the most relateble. Sometimes you go through things and the best therapy is some of the wet-wet and a bottle of liquor, or as K. Dot described it, “P*ssy and patron make it feel alright.”

7. Reflection Eternal featuring Mos Def, Jay Electronica & J. Cole – “Just Begun”
Four dope emcees, four dope verses, period. Jay Electronica and J. Cole really came off on this joint though. Classic Hip-hop.

6. Kanye West featuring John Legend & Chris Rock – “Blame Game”
Truth be told, “Blame Game” was probably my favorite song on Kanye’s album, and I know a lot of people would agree. ‘Ye and Legend’s verses were both on point, but the Chris Rock skit at the end made this song a classic more than anything else. “Yeezy taught me.”

5. Jay Electronica featuring Diddy – “Ghost Of Christoper Wallace”
Jay Elect’s “Exhibit C” was the best song of 2009, and although the newest Roc Nation signee didn’t take the top spot this year, “Ghost Of Christopher Wallace” was right up there with the best rhymes of 2010. And Diddy was back in his early Bad Boy form with the adlibs. You couldn’t tell Puff that Jay Electronica wasn’t going to sign to Bad Boy after this song. Sorry, Diddy.

4. Big K.R.I.T. – “Children Of The World”
I had heard a few of K.R.I.T.’s songs prior to “Children OF The World,” but I wasn’t really on his music until after I saw this video, and I was like, “Oh, this n*gga is serious.” This song is filled with so much raw raps and real emotions, I probably felt this song more than anything else that came out this year.

3. Drake – “9AM In Dallas”
Drake released this track not long before his debut album came out, and for the real Drake fans that have been following him before the Young Money deal and the Kodak endorsement, this is the Drake we loved and missed. “9 AM In Dallas” is nothing more than 3 minutes of emotional rhyming were Drizzy pours out all his feelings in the booth, leading up to the last few days before his debut’s release.

2. Wiz Khalifa – “Never Been”
Best song on Kush & OJ, period. Wiz had a lot of commercial success with “Black & Yellow” but “Never Been” was my favorite Wiz Khalifa song all year.

1. J. Cole – “Blow Up”
“Blow Up” was and is the anthem for the come up kids, the got next crews and the cats out there tired of being slept on. This is arguably the best J. Cole song I’ve ever heard, and if he gave it a little push, I think this record would have a huge impact for him in 2011. But still, in 2010, it’s the most underrated song of the year.

Honorable Mentions: KiD CuDi – “Marijuana,” J. Cole – “Bun B For President,” Playboy Tre – “I Don’t Care,” Plies “Boosie,” Yelawolf – “Pop The Trunk,” Wiz Khalifa – “Mezmorized”

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Most Underrated Songs of 2010”

  1. akshun

    i can rock with this list….some songs (fuck the world) i forgot about.

  2. Quell Keith

    Cosign you on that one!!

  3. Nanci O

    I can’t believe you wrote “Plies”, “Boosie” and “Honorable Mention” in the same sentence.

  4. akshun

    lmao @ nanci!!

  5. lil steve

    now this list is way better but now after reading wa u wrote i understand ur other list i dont like it but i understand it….this is is right on point

  6. kj

    I’d pick “up” by Wiz before the other tracks you mentioned but I’m not mad at your selections.

  7. Big Snack'em

    How Playboy Tre – Welcome Home and I Don’t Care didn’t make this list is amazing to me.

  8. 5dollaz

    u shoulda just put KRITS mixtape

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Let Plies be great!

  10. Randy Exclusive

    That Wiz “Up” track is cool but it ain’t that!

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