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January 1st, 2011

At the end of the year, I usually put together the South Carolina Online Hip-Hop Awards, where I reach out to the other SC blogs, and we come up with awards for Best Artist, Best Album, Best Mixtape, etc. Well, I’m not doing that this time, so I apologize to anyone that looks forward to that every year. I actually was planning on doing it, but things didn’t fall in place and I simply ran out of time. I’ll probably bring it back next year, but this year what I’m going to do is list the Top videos, songs, albums and mixtapes to come out of the home state. I’m sure some people will feel some type of way about being snubbed from my Top 10 lists but you’ll be ok.

I’m starting off with the Top 10 South Carolina Videos of 2010, and you guys can check back on the other lists later.

Hit the jump for the Top 10 SC Videos of 2010.

10. Monopoly – “Show Out”

9. K.O. – “BIM”

8. Continental GT – “I’m Bad”

7. P. Watts feat. Piazo & Pachino Dino – “Grown Man”

6. Streets feat. Joey Papers – “Die Rich”

5. Jus Nice feat. Asia Bryant – “Champion”

4. Freddie Gz – “City Going Ham”

3. Boss G – “Hobby”

2. Fat Rat – “Something Ain’t Right”

1. warrenJae – “Dear Jasmine”

22 Responses to “The 10 Best SC Videos of 2010”

  1. akshun

    i’m hoping it’s just as exciting as last years

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Was it last year that dude threatened to kill me or was that the year before. I can’t even remember at this point.

  3. akshun

    last year

  4. akshun

    didn’t even get to be happy i won something. DAMN

  5. Mr. Marques

    good list.

  6. Jus Nice


  7. Nanci O

    I’m impressed by the level of quality coming out of the Carolinas. Good looking everybody.


    The homies want me to do a video. Maybe this year

  9. Randy Exclusive

    You had a good year Jus. Nice video bro.

    And Akshun, you gotta do videos nowadays. That’s the only way.

  10. AKSHUN

    Yeah I’ve gotten that speech a few times this year

  11. Quell Keith


  12. 5dollaz

    @quell & ak fuxx wit me! I guarantee yall a spot next year!
    Rope, what it do like

  13. Randy Exclusive

    I see you 5!

  14. akshun

    @5 i’m making new music as we speak and i’m gonna holla for the visuals

  15. Nika

    yeah Randy I believe that was last year your life was being threatened over a damn list by an old guy throwing a damn tantrum. *!smhthisisjusttoomuch*#

  16. Nika

    Oh yeah I really liked that “Dear Jasmine” video :-)

  17. Randy Exclusive

    I think it was the year before last that I was threatened. Haha.

  18. akshun

    no it was last year

  19. Randy Exclusive

    Was it last year? Damn I’m mad you remember correctly and I don’t. Ha!

  20. Nika

    @akshun I thought it was. Damn shame Randy can’t remember when his life was threatened. This further lets me know that it is too often *#smhandprayingformybestguys*# these damn lunatics just sad!

  21. Grindin Magazine

    now that list is on point…….

  22. Randy Exclusive

    Thank ya ma’am

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