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January 2nd, 2011

I’m going to finish up these Top 10 lists today… Here are the 10 Best South Carolina rap songs of 2010 (whether you heard them on the radio or in the club or not), according to The Block. Hit the jump for the list.

10. Marly Mar – “Charleston” (prod. MIDIMarc)

9. Rigchus – “Carolina Born” (prod. Max Berry)

8. Joey Papers – “Lets Go! (Karolina South)”

7. Big Maine – “Whatyasaybabe” (prod. Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)

6. Mista Taylor – Grand Standing”

5. Lil Brod – “Lost In The Clouds”

4. warrenJae – “Dear Jasmine”

3. Fat Boy -”Swagger Jackin’”

2. Boss G – “Hobby”

1. Kenny Kane featuring Cristou – “Fly Away”

Honorable Mentions: Rebellious – “Leather & Wood (Remix)”, Snook Da Rokkstar – “Grown Woman Lovin’”, Da Boi Boi YG – “Boss,” Trapstar – “Seeing Is Believing” Freddie Gz “City On Ham”, Continental GT – “Tell Em”, Boss G – “Ric Flair,” Jiggy Jay – “Breath of Fresh Air”, Akshun – “Summer Nights”

7 Responses to “The 10 Best SC Songs Of 2010”

  1. akshun

    i gotta mention!!! yeah nigga!

  2. KJ

    dope list

  3. Steelz

    Ak u crazy lol!! good stuff

  4. akshun

    Nigga if i’m mentioned i’m doing SOMETHING lol…but i’m serious!

  5. Max

    Appreciate that!

  6. Grindin Magazine

    I think u covered the mainstays of SC, but I would re-order that list, Continental GT can be 1-5 for me, pick any tracks u like. P Watts Later is high on my list and ya’ll slippin on that Grown Woman Lovin (says the old chick)

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Let me find out you’re a GT stan. haha.

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