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Yeah, you know it is… #TGOD.

9 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa feat. Snoop Doog, Juicy J & T-Pain – “Black & Yellow (G-Mix)” (Video)”

  1. JefRo Dolla

    I just posted this on my FB about 20 minutes ago.. I’m stilling rollin about Snoop rockin the Jheri Curl! LMAO

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yall bringing back the jheri curl on the west coast?

  3. JefRo Dolla

    These fools might as well bring it back.. They’re already rockin snap backs, starter jackets and tight khakis.. They can have it.. I did all that in the 80′s.. lol

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Man you had a jheri curl?

  5. Quell Keith


  6. JefRo Dolla

    I drink the 5th on that question.. lol

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Nooooooo! Haha.

  8. Nanci O

    There are some things from the 80′s that should not be put back into style. The juicy curl is one of them.

  9. Randy Exclusive

    The curl is on the way back nanci. You can’t stop it.

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