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I know I give Rick Ross a hard time about being a C.O. and lying about it. If he had fessed up about being a C.O. when the story first came out, that would have been acceptable, but since he lied about it, he’s always going to come off as a fraudulent rapper, and I’ll never really be able to give this guy all the credit he deserves because I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth (but I’m sure he doesn’t give a sh!t what I think). All that aside, Ross is without question killing the rap game right now. In terms of Southern MCs, him and Wayne are the only two that are really relevant right now.

Part of the reason why is because Ross has a real good visual game. Since he has Split TV on his team, he has the luxury of shooting a video just about whenever he pleases. Take for example this video; the song is “Devil In A New Dress” off Kanye’s Dark Twisted Fantasy album, but Kanye’s not even in the video.  One monkey don’t stop no show though…even if it is his single. And this video of Rozay riding around the streets of Toronto is hella smooth, simple, but still dope. Hats off to Ross for another ill video. He killed his verse too.

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22 Responses to “Another Day, Another Rick Ross Video…”

  1. KJ

    This guy is a marketing GENIUS! Why don’t rappers just follow the blueprint? Make good music and shot a video for it! EASY! DONE!

    Ah…except the “make good music” part ain’t that easy! haha

  2. Randy Exclusive

    It seems easy enough to me.

  3. Smitty

    Ross was a CO? Heck naw. He winning tho!

  4. Sly

    randy i definitely agree with the CO comments. he definitely winning right now but i can’t let that go……….unacceptable.

  5. Rico Loco

    Man 99.9% of the rappers are liars. Like the big homie David Banner said if your that good at selling dope what are you rapping for. Good music is all that matters

  6. Steelz

    y’all aready know how i feel…Bossssss 4 the win lol

  7. Randy Exclusive

    I’m mad Smitty didn’t know Ross was a CO. But sorry man, I don’t listen to people that be lying in their raps like that. You can fabricate a little bit but not like that. Damn.

  8. Rico Loco

    What does CO have to do with not doing crime. Your from SC you see that Police Cheif going down on FED charges. I trust Cops the same as these dudes on the streets……I Don’t

  9. Randy Exclusive

    It’s not about him being a CO. It’s about him lying about it. If he had said, yeah I was a CO off top, I don’t think anyone would have an issue with that. But he didn’t say that, he said that’s not true and Trick Daddy is a sucka. Haha. He came off real fake, so now everything about him is fake. Which is something that turns a lot of people away from him and makes people not want to be fans. And it shows in the fact that he can’t go platinum or even gold on most albums, despite the fact that he makes good music.

  10. Rico Loco

    Platnum and gold isnt the rap game in 2011. Who buys albums anymore? It’s about show money and indorsements. Real talk my first thought would be to deny being a CO too. Hip Pop sells not Hip Hop

  11. Randy Exclusive

    My point in saying he can’t sell gold or platinum is in the point that his fan base isn’t strong enough. Eminem, Drake, Nicki Minaj, B.o.B., Ludacris, Kanye, all went gold or platinum last year…somebody bought those albums. If Ross didn’t have that incident he’d probably be in that group.

  12. me

    At the end of the day its about the music. I dont know why RE and everybody else be worried about what goes on outside the lines. People like that are the ones that dont like Kobe because snithched even though he has a ill game, Dont like OJ cause he did that crime but he is STILL the illest Running back of ALL TIME and the list goes on. The only reason you care about that crap is cause of there craft so keep it like that! RICK ROSS IS DOPE. He makes ill music and keep it like that, if you want no lies and all that read a book or look at documentarys all day, other than that there is no truth out there like that!

  13. Randy Exclusive

    Because it’s not all about music. Music and sports are definitely. Fans buy into an artist’s image just as much as their music. If Rick Ross was openly gay would you buy or listen to his music? NO! People that don’t worry about what goes on outside of the lines don’t completely understand the game, cause it’s not all about the music.

  14. me

    I disagree my brother. If ross was openly gay you r right I wouldn’t buy into it but that’s an extreme case a CO is not a cop at all. He ain’t arrest nobody or none of that fuckery, they just be there, half the time they the biggest drug dealers in the bing. Trust me I know.

  15. Sly

    randy this sound like a “where is hip hop” segment.

    cosign 100% with the comments about his fan base.

  16. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah I’ll have to Where Hip Hop this topic Sly.

  17. akshun

    I think ross is dope and his music is on point, but yea, that fake shit is a HUGE turn off other than running w/ that faggot puffy. Especially with me growing up in an environment where faking like that would cost you your life (of course i’m not from sc saying that lol) I get real offended off stuff like that.

    And I’m offended that this nigga says he’s 30. Nah I’m 30 you gotta be 40

  18. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, something like what akshun said, but not exactly. Haha.

  19. KJ

    ROSS is a lying marketing genius. Can we agree on that much?

  20. Mantiz

    I agreed with you Randy… CO’s are crooked as shit like ol’ boy said but if you didn’t arrest anybody then why lie about it??? Why be ashamed of it??? If it was just a check, then why hide it in your past??? Hell if he’s such a marketing genius, then why didn’t he play the CO as being a major part of being the “kingpin” that he is now??? Since we all know CO’s are that crooked… fuck outta here. But my biggest thing with Ross now is his pointless redundancy. Cleverly playing with words and not meaning one muthafuckin thing. I challenge that fat fucka to stay on topic one time. Just one. I listen to Aston Martin music and leave with a new confusion. Stop this bullshit. Rap for the culture and not for the fast money please. Ol’ correctional ass nigga.

  21. Randy Exclusive

    Mantiz took the argue to a whole nother direction, but no he doesn’t stay on topic either. haha.

  22. Nanci O

    Well damn.

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