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These Breakfast Club videos be funny as hell, but I don’t understand why Angela Yee’s ole fine ass can’t find a man. She needs a Carolina nucca.

January 27th, 2011

I missed this last night, But Wiz Khalifa performed on the George Lopez Show, and you know if you’re performing on late night TV shows you pretty much made it. Couple that with the fact that “Black & Yellow” is at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and followed by Wiz’s performance at the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh on Sunday, not to mention this guy is smashing Kanye’s sloppy-seconds (but that’s some sloppy-seconds that any man wouldn’t mind getting a crack at), plus he announced the released date for his major label debut album (Rolling Papers, March 29th)—I’d say Wiz Khalifa is having the best week ever!

So, he’s got a hit record, crazed fanbase, he’s been arrested, refuses to cut his hair, has a model chick girlfriend, and smokes a lot of weed. That’s a rock star lifestyle indeed. (Shouts out to the Taylors).

I posted Wiz’s AFC Championship performance in the cut if you haven’t seen it. And the video where he brings Amber Rose on stage during one of his show and then she walks off and you can see how phat her ass is.

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This is one of the wackest songs on T.I.’s new album, but I do respect him for getting all the eye candy for the video. #FreeTIP…but only if he’s innocent.

I had never heard of Yung Rome until today, but I rarely go home, so I can’t tell you what rappers are coming up around Charleston unless they’re on the internet. But I’ll be real, my hometown isn’t exactly the most advanced city in the US. I still have friends back home that still don’t use Facebook or even have a computer for that matter, and I think that’s the most ass backwards way of life (especially considering how many chicks I smashed just off Twitter alone).

Anyways, the nucca Trapp from sent this video over of this cat Yung Rome rhyming over Lil Wayne’s “Single.” It might just be me, but I found this video to be quite entertaining. Rome isn’t really the prime entertainment, but the storyline is kinda funny to me. That’s just because I live by the ideology that bitches hoes promiscuous women ain’t sh!t (Dre and Snoop taught me that), and another key to life…Facebook will get you caught up. Never leave your Facebook open, homie. Man, I double and triple check my computer to make sure that I sign out of Facebook, just in case my girl wants to be nosey, and I don’t even be doing nothing. But Rome looks like the type of guy that would leave his Facebook open, so I’m not surprised.

But as the video goes on, you’ll see that Hood Chick A is sleeping with Yung Rome, and despite the fact that she has a man she still confronts Rome about his Facebook account, in which he rightfully puts her in her place (which touches on another subject, know your role, hoes promiscuous girl). So later Rome calls up Hood Chick B, and while kicking it with her, they run into Hood Chick A and her man. You’ll see that Rome knows Hood Chick A’s man (so this nucca ain’t sh!t either), and Hood Chick A and Hood Chick B know each other, and it appears that they’re fuxing each other too. And that’s just a whole circle of trifeness. Did ya’ll catch all that?

All in all that brings me back to my initial point…these hoes ain’t sh*t! I don’t even talk to Charleston girls anymore (I do miss hearing that Charleston accent sometimes though), not that I have anything against them, I’ve just found the talent pool in other cities to be superior. I mean, I do live in Atlanta. But a couple years back I did have a chick that I called my “Charleston girlfriend” and I’d kick it with her whenever I came home (which wasn’t often). But I’m pretty sure she had a man. Not that I really cared, so I guess I ain’t really sh*t either…but what was I saying? Oh yeah, these hoes ain’t sh*t. I’m not even trying to single out Charleston women, because women are pretty much trifling across the board. But Charleston women just seem extra grimey to me, and I think this video pretty much puts all of that into perspective, so I applaud Yung Rome for that.

January 26th, 2011

Wiz Khalifa went on Ustream and Twitter last night to announce the title and release date for his new album. I guess it’s official, Rolling Papers drops on March 29th. Now Taylor Gang that.

And if you forgot, you can actually purchase Wiz Khalifa brand rolling papers. I don’t smoke, so I don’t know where you would buy something like that, but you can peep the product in the cut. #TGOD

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Righchus had a mixtape release party this past weekend, and from the looks of the drunken foolery that took place outside afterward, it was a pretty good event. It’s good to see some Charleston nuccas #winning. Hit the jump for some pics from the party, and I also posted Life-A-Rigchus Webisode 0.5 below too. And get that new mixtape here, if you’re still sleeping.

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I can’t lie, this is one of my favorite songs out right now.

New video from the homie Playboy Tre, featuring my sister Asia Bryant. Off Playboy Tre’s Last Call mixtape.

A couple months ago, I introduced ya’ll to the Mad Violinist, who’s a musician and producer with production credits on hits like Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On,” Lil Wayne featuring Drake “Right Above It” and Jamie Foxx “15 Minutes.” MV has been doing these youtube videos where he covers hit records on his violin (you might have seen his “Black & Yellow” cover on WorldStar, I’m sure Wiz saw it).Well today the Mad Violinist is taking it a step further and releasing his latest cover as a full length music video over Chris Brown’s “No Bullsh*t, directed and edited by Million Dollar Dreamz. It’s a pretty cool video, if I do say so myself. Check it out, and be on the lookout for more Mad Violinist and MDD. collaborations. And that Mad Violinist & Symphony Crack album is on the way too.

Yep, MDD. is making movies, ya’ll. Get at me.

I usually don’t post up freestyles or whatnot over other nuccas’ tracks, but Jah Bless & Mantiz went ham over that “H.A.M.” beat. I guess Jah got something new on the way too. I’m So Tomorrow Reloaded? I see you, Jah. His “6″7′” freestyle is posted in the cut too.

Jah Bless feat. Mantiz – “H.A.M.”

Download | Atl Link

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