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February 28th, 2011

I’ve been rocking with my girl Nanci O for a couple years now…as yall know (or may not know), Nanci O and I have been doing these Where Is Hip Hop? segments for her North Carolina-based radio show for quite some time, and having the chance to do that and talk hip-hop with her week after week has been a pleasure. And I’ll tell you this much, Nanci O is a grinder, Nanci O a go-getter and Nanci O is Hip-Hop. And in redefining what the Nanci O brand is all about, N.O. has a few things lined up for this year, and to reintroduce herself, she’s releasing a promo video for anyone that every worried who is Nanci O and what her brand represents. The video posted above is just the trailer, but that joint has Nanci looking like a star. The full video will be out soon, but believe you’ll hear more about Nanci O in 2011.

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7 Responses to “Reintroducing Nanci O…”

  1. akshun

    this is fresh!

  2. Steelz

    Love it! Carolina all day!

  3. Ms.Chriss

    Good Look for Nanci!

  4. KJ

    Yeah Buddy!

  5. Nanci O

    Thanks ya’ll! It’s not a game to me, I really dig hip hop.

  6. akshun

    and women who dig hip hop ARE THE GREATEST!

  7. Steelz

    Yeah what Akshun said! lol

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