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Next week, designers, models, retailers and fashion enthusiasts  from all over the world will gather in Charleston, SC for my hometown’s annual Fashion Week. I first heard about Charleston Fashion Week a couple years ago, and I always wanted to attend. I always thought it would be cool to be one of the dudes sitting on the side of the runway scoping the models…I mean, checking out the latest fashion, but sadly I’ve never gotten an invite. Honestly, I consider myself to be a fashionable guy (Sperry Gang, what’s up), but the main reason I never attended Fashion Week was because I never saw the type of events where a brother of my caliber would fit in (yall know a lot of those fashion dudes are kinda different…or for lack of better words…gay).

But this year Charleston Fashion Week finally has an event that caters to street wear, hip-hop, and the urban community in general. Thanks to the homies KJ from H1gher Learning, and Khalil from the Suite Life Agency, next Friday, March 25th, during Fashion Week in Charleston, THE BIG MIX will be taking place. As described on the event’s page on Facebook: THE BIG MIX is a benefit event being held March 25, 2011 at Eye Level Art (103 Spring Street Charleston, SC) in which clothing brands from the Southeast come together for the celebration of Southern streetwear culture.

That’s sounds cool to me, and I’m pretty damn excited about this. My home city is more known for ignorance than fashion, so anytime there’s an event where the “cool kids” can come together and rub elbows, I’m all in. The promotion for THE BIG MIX has been going strong this week. Them nuccas KJ and Khalil have been releasing promo videos and were even featured in the Charleston Scene newspaper about the event (they got them boys looking like stars).

But really, you have to salute KJ for putting on for Southern streetwear, and for making Charleston Riverdog hats cool. Because before him, I don’t think anyone cared about either of those…especially in Charleston. For more information about THE BIG MIX, please take a look at the Charleston Scene article linked below. And a promo vid for THE BIG MIX is posted in the cut. I hope to see some of you folks in the area out there. The Big Mix: 18 streetwear brands participate in Eye Level Art event


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4 Responses to “One More Week Until THE BIG MIX…”

  1. Jus Nice


  2. Nanci O

    Man I’m so excited about The Big Mix, the Spring colors from my T shirt line are gonna debut at the event.

    I’m even more proud of KJ, he had a vision and now it’s happening. That’s more cool then anything else. And they even made his event the “official” Fashion Week afterparty.

  3. Shawn

    I’m also excited about seeing Biz Markie for Fashion Week too!

  4. Passportgeoff

    Always fresh… Shout out to the #gang, #bangbang….

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