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And for the last interview in me and Tasha’s State Of SC Hip Hop series, we chopped it up with the big home DJ B-Lord, who has been rocking clubs throughout the Carolinas since I was in high school. If anyone can speak on the SC music scene, this guy can. And since folks seem to be digging these State of SC interviews we’ll probably start up another round, so stay tuned.

State of SC Hip Hop (Part 5): Featuring DJ B-Lord

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3 Responses to “Interview: State of SC Hip Hop (Part 5): Featuring DJ B-Lord”

  1. KJ

    I think he made some valid points. It’s very easy to point fingers at others but I wonder, if in a moment of honest, would artists/managers tell you that they have used all the resources available to them to make “stuff” happen.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Good question.

  3. Nanci O

    I’ve always wanted to hear a Carolina-respected industry person to speak on the signs and when it’s time for a rapper to quit.

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