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March 26th, 2011

If you were wondering, KJ Kearney and H1gher’s first annual Big Mix event for Charleston Fashion Week was a huge success last night. I’m not sure if KJ realizes this but he created a monster of an event that’s only going to get bigger and bigger every year. Congrats to KJ, and shout out to Khalid, Righchus, Suite Life Agency, DJ R Dot, Nanci O, Jus Nice, and anyone else that help create or supported this event. It was good times in the hometown, indeed.

Righchus’ performance is posted in the cut. Shout to Marcus Amaker for the footage.

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4 Responses to “The Big Mix Was Dope…”

  1. akshun

    looks like it was a dope event!

  2. Nanci O

    Akshun it was. I even peeped some of the hooty tooty fashion week people there.

    I’m very proud of KJ, it was an awesome evening.

  3. KJ


  4. Steelz

    i will be there next year!

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