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I’m about to give yall a quick rundown of what happened because I’m posting this at 1:30 am, and I’m tired, so I’m ready to go to bed. Nuccas that be like, “I don’t sleep, I’m up grinding” are idiots, and I actually like getting sleep at night. Anyways, DJ Mister Cee, who’s a personality and DJ on Hot 97 in New York was allegedly arrested after being caught with a male prostitute recently, so Charlamagne Tha God, being the asshole that he is, basically went in on Mister Cee on Monday morning during Charla’s Breakfast Club morning show with DJ Envy and Angela on Power 105.1 fm. (See the video above).

Later on Monday, Funk Master Flex, responded in defense of his colleague and friend, Mister Cee, and had this to say:

YouTube Preview Image

In response to Flex, Charlamagne in turn had this to say about Funk Flex on Tuesday morning:

As unbiased as I can be, Funk Flex got ethered. I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of this so-called “radio beef” so we’ll see what happens next. “What you gonna do when Flex Hogan runs wild on you!!!” That nucca Charlamagne is hilarious.

3 Responses to “Charlamagne Tha God vs. Funk Master Flex (aka Flex Hogan)”

  1. akshun

    mr cee also was big daddy kane and biggie’s dj

    i guess big wasn’t lyin when he said he got niggas that will fuck y ou in the ass and throw you over the bridge. DAMN

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Damn, not the Biggie reference. haha.

  3. Sly


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