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Last week I gave ya’ll a quick update on my sis Jasmine Sanders aka Golden Barbie aka Dear Jasmine, but little did I know this would be a reoccurring theme.

JS and her Hollywood friends have been doing these random artistic videos out of complete boredom just for the hell of it and yesterday they dropped M.A.H (Motherf-ckers Against Haters) Video #2, and this time they brought Teyana Taylor along for the ride.

Shouts out the lone random dude roaming the desert with four fine chicks. You’re the envy of many men watching this homeboy.

Watch M.A.H. 2 here:

And in other Jasmine Sanders news, if you’re in Target or Jcpenney anytime soon, you’ll probably see her ad campaigns around the stores.

I posted a couple of her ads in the cut for you haters (or supporters) to see. Congrats, Jasmine. Keep swaggin’ on these heauxs.

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4 Responses to “A Day In The Life Of Dear Jasmine Pt. II (Costarring Teyana Taylor)”

  1. Katalyst

    They should title this “Bad Bitches Doin Random Shit”

  2. Steelz

    i wish i was there with some cold bottles of

  3. Randy Exclusive


  4. akshun

    ima have to hit these stores now just to look at pics

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