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My girl Tasha and myself did another round of our State of SC Hip Hop interviews/discussions. People seemed to dig them so much that we decided to give it another go. And this time we interview SC’s #1 trap rapper Boss G, the woman of the city LeLe aka Bad Bad, my man KJ from, the boss lady behind the SC Music Awards Shera Bass and a man that needs no introduction on Carolina soil Charlamagne Tha God.

We’ll probably drop the interviews on yall starting next week, but just for now, check the quick preview video of all the interviews above.

I promise you, this round of interviews will be 10x more controversial than the first.

5 Responses to “State of SC Hip Hop Part 2 (Preview)”

  1. T. Corallo

    Charlamagne has to be one of the realest aggins out! What he’s saying is 100% true…there is no SC movement. When will artist realize that in order to make it out of SC you have to literally MAKE IT OUT OF SC! Aint nobody checking for artist down here. Your best bet is to move to Atlanta, NY, or LA. I’m not saying completely abandon your home-front but there has to be some kind of national attention on the SC music scene in order to get noticed. The only way that’s going to happen is if you go elsewhere to get put on. Then come back and put your people on (ie, Nelly St. Lunatics, Eminem D12, etc.). Aint no rapper EVER made it out of SC. PERIOD. Just a few radio spins, a little buzz, and then…nothing. A note to all aspiring artists: Get the kcuf outta SC! Establishing a buzz here is the equivalent of establishing a buzz on the moon, no one will notice. Peace.

  2. Steelz

    good stuff..good point too!


    CthaGod Kept it Real….But Its Not that PPl arent Lookin For Talent In SC Nobody is Given Them Anything to Look at Songs That are Hot For a Couple Months wont Get Yu NOWHERE and almost Every Artist Wanna Talk TRAP…smh The Trap Rap is wack (My Opinion) But i Like these Series On the state Of Hip Hop In SC Keep up the work Randy

  4. Quell Keith

    Can’t wait to hear this..

  5. BC

    I agree completely T. Corallo. Cant wait to hear this joint. Keep me posted fam.

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