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May 31st, 2011

Before I get into my movie review, did yall know that movie tickets are $11.50 apiece now? Well at least they are in Atlanta. Me and shawty went to see Hangover 2 over the weekend, and I had no idea they were that much, plus these b!tch ass movie nuccas talking bout they don’t take student ID discounts on the weekends (nucca, what?). I usually go to matinee movies, so I didn’t know regular tickets prices were a light bill. But I wanted to see Hangover 2, so I just went with it, but I looked at my girl like, “You know we ain’t getting no popcorn right?”

Hey, man times are hard…

So, the sequel to 2009′s blockbuster The Hangover is as advertised. I won’t say Hangover 2 is better than the first, but it’s still a hilarious movie and definitely worth seeing.

If you saw the first one, the second one is pretty much the same plot, except instead of Las Vegas the movie takes place in Thailand.

The cast is about the same too, but they added a monkey, and he might be the star of the whole movie.

For any of yall that haven’t seen it, just as a fair warning, Hangover 2 is a bit more graphic than the first one, but I can’t say what happened without spoiling it for you. I actually can’t write much of a review without giving up too much of the story, so I’m just gonna cosign it and leave it at that.

So if you’re wondering if Hangover 2 is worth a trip to the movies, I say yes. Like I said, it’s not better than the original, but it’s not a bad sequel at all. And fellas, if you take a date, buy two tickets, popcorn and something to drink, you’ll probably spend about $50 bucks…that should be enough to put a chick on “owe me sex” status.

4 out of 5 chicken sandwiches.

10 Responses to “Movie Review: Hangover 2”

  1. akshun

    my dude movies is MAD expensive. you get some popcorn and a drink and it’s 30 bucks lol

  2. Randy Exclusive

    That’s what I’m saying 25 on 2 tickets, 25 on popcorn and drinks. I’m gonna start going by myself. haha.

  3. Quell Keith


  4. Steelz4ever

    Me an my friend went to see Fast 5 this’s was the break down..

    2 tickets – $21.50
    2 sodas 1 medium Popcorn – 20.00

    and the chick at the ticket booth was like yall should see it in

  5. me

    I think the movie was funnier than the first however I can see why they shouldnt have made a sequel, becuause it was exactley the same plot. Instead of a baby there was a monkey, Instead of ol boy messing with a prostitue it was a male tranny, Instead of the korean dude jumping out of the back of a car, he jumps out of a ice box, etc.. Plus I dont see how taking muscle relaxer and ADHD medicine can make you go into a rage like they did. The roofy drug was more believable.

  6. BC

    “You know we ain’t getting no popcorn right?”. That is classic. LOL. Its crazy how they have done away with the College ID’s. SMH and we in a recession.

  7. Randy Exclusive

    They had to make a sequel. They made too much money on the first. The second one was a guaranteed pay day.

    And yeah BC, no popcorn. We gonna have to start sneaking food in her pursue.

  8. Nika

    Randy you have crossed the line with this one! This is so outta control LOL, I am dying in here!!! First of all what college ID were you using? Then how you gonna tell that girl she ain’t getting popcorn?!? You could have at least gotten her the kids pack, that comes with a drink, hell they even give you candy! I’m just saying ;-)

  9. Randy Exclusive

    No my gal had the college ID! Them boy tell her they couldn’t take it. smh. But hell no, we ain’t get no popcorn, no drink, nothing. haha.

  10. Nika

    Damn shame. Just had that girl up in there thirsty, watching other people eat popcorn and drink their cokes. #smdh

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