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The media is killing Lebron James this morning, including Charlamagne Tha God. The slander, disrespect and comedy in this is hilarious…

5 Responses to “Charlamagne Tha God Goes In On Lebron & The Heat”

  1. Quell Keith

    LOL, that nigga went IN on Lebron hahaha..

  2. akshun

    They need to leave dude alone. They got to the finals on the first try together. They are gonna be a problem

  3. BC

    I like the chic statement. “You felt strong about it ya should’ve bet some money.” PERIOD. Heat will be back. Randy congrats for getting away. My boy LB let me down big time.All good though.

  4. future

    Miami will be fine. Them boy put to much pressure on Lebron. He never said he was as good as MJ, but they put that on him.

  5. akshun

    Niggas out here actin like lbj fucked they mama lol

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