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And for the last interview in Part 2 of and The Block‘s State of SC Hip-Hop series, a man that needs little to no introduction…Charlamagne Tha God.

State of SC Hip-Hop (Part 2) Interviews: LeLe | Boss G | Shera Bass | KJ Kearney

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11 Responses to “State of SC Hip Hop (Part 2): Featuring Charlamagne Tha God”

  1. Steelz

    #caseclose #salute

  2. Quell Keith


  3. future

    To the point. No BS.

  4. Young FM

    Shit is real

  5. Grind Internet Radio

    That some Real Shit!!!! Artists Need to get on the internet. They need to go the blogger instead of blogger and internet media ask them. Learn to go to Contact and Submit Music and Video People!!!!!!!!!!! Damn

  6. Nanci O

    Charlamange dropped some knowledge here. The statement that really got me though was nobody is checking for the SC movement. That was a shocker cause I thought it was on the radar.

  7. akshun

    he’s right. there are no fans. the artist are not even fans.

    people like who they work with and that’s it. i mean how many times have you seen rappers cop or support music period unless it benefited them? you can count them with one hand.

    that’s the big difference between sc and nc. when we used to go up to the Raleigh area they stayed w/ FANS at the shows. I seen shows where the not so known artists are performing and the shows be PACKED.

    in sc?? unless it’s a party..not so much.

  8. Khidd

    Charlamagne couldn’t have been any more real…

  9. Steelz4ever

    @akshun exactly…lack of true hiphop fans in SC!



  11. T. Corallo

    The realist shit I ever heard. I said it once I’ll say it again… MOVE! Even if you do get a buzz in the state it won’t be enough to get you a record deal, as you can already see with the so called “hot” SC artists.

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