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Esther Baxter is back b!tches. For those that don’t know, E.B. is an O.G. in the hip-hop model/video chick game….Petey Pablo’s “Freak-A-Leak,” Nelly’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” Kanye West’s “The New Workout Plan” and a bunch of other videos I can’t remember. And when it comes to men’s magazines, she’s been on the cover of them all.

She was actually kinda out of modeling game, while trying to get her acting on. Then she started dating Joe Budden, but they broke up and that nucca put her on blast in a song (that damn Joe Budden…smh).

But it don’t matter, she still sexy though, and salute to King for giving her a cover after all these years (she’s only 26, but you know that’s like 45 in the model chick game). Anyways, peep some more pics, a short interview and a video below. THE ROYAL PEEK: ESTHER BAXTER

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  1. akshun


  2. Randy Exclusive

    #Cosign that ak

  3. Steelz4ever

    I think i luvhur <–in my gucci mane voice!

  4. rosetta stone

    so so sexy.

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