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I think because Angela Yee is a radio personality, people don’t get to see her as much and see ain’t on the cover of King Magazine like Ester Baxter or Amber Rose, a lot of people sleep on her. But Angela Yee is sexy. If this were a few years back, I would have been got the inside scoop from Charlamagne Tha God, but I ain’t thirsty like that nowadays…

Still, I don’t care what nobody says, Angela Yee is a bad chick.

And just to show off a little bit of her sexiness, Yee was featured in Pynk Magazine, where she also showed off her $70,000 shoe collection…that pretty much let me know that she might be a bit high maintenance for a regular Joe like myself, but hey, everybody gotta have dream (word to DeeJay).

Anyways, peep some more of Angie’s pics from her Pynk Mag shoot in the cut…

6 Responses to “Don’t Sleep On Angela Yee…”

  1. NRC2

    #Amen I Been Sayin This…

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Glad someone agrees with me.

  3. Quell Keith

    I always knew that.

  4. akshun

    she gonna be here at pure this weekend if you got the thirst

  5. Randy Exclusive

    Ha! Yeah I know man. I can’t make it though.

  6. Jimi

    True that. Love hearing her on Tha Breakfast Club

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