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I introduced you all to singer/songwriter Nikkiya a few weeks back, and let me reiterate the fact that she is and will be one of the dopest artists to ever come out of the state of South Carolina.

Peep her new video, directed and produced by the homie Will Power (aka Supa Hot Beats).

Nikkiya’s debut LP SpeakHer drops on August 15th.

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10 Responses to “Nikkiya – “Nobody But Me” (Video)”

  1. Quell Keith

    Agree, i like her style.

  2. Dan Johns

    really vivid….hits home

  3. Randy Exclusive

    Will Power has a good eye on the camera.

  4. Nika

    Damn this was a great song, and an even better video! I could definitely relate to feeling that way back in the day :-)

  5. Sarah Lovely

    Nikkiya is on her way to blow! The girl can seriously SANG, she did her thing on Yelawolf’s “Speak Her Sex,” and she’s doing again now! That “When I Was High” jam goes too! Can’t wait til her project drops.

  6. Sly

    definitely looking forward to the album

  7. lele


  8. Steelz4ever


  9. Leezy

    She’s dope! Breath of fresh air!

  10. phoenix0482

    I’m so luvin this song..

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