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I hope you all know I’m being sarcastic in the title. And not that you can make much of anything from this video that TMZ got their hands on but you guys can take a look if you want.

50 Cent’s side of the story is posted here:

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4 Responses to “The Ray J and Fabolous Fight Video We’ve All Been Waiting For…”

  1. akshun


  2. T. Corallo

    Why in the hell does Flex NOT let the interviewee talk? He’s interrupting like every 5 seconds. You can’t really enjoy the damn interview!

  3. kevin rachwel

    in other words…ray j punched faboulous…and 50 cent is being around the bush…trying to save fabolous career…because he got punched by…mr one wish…lol

  4. Randy Exclusive

    I don’t think that’s what 50 was saying at all.

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