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This almost brought a tear to my eyes. I’ll see all my Gamecocks brethren at homecoming in a couple weeks…

What up Randy,

This is a new song that I recorded about a week ago in Atlanta. Being that you always say the quote, “damn it feels good to be a gamecock”, I took the liberty to make a song about our beloved team. The beat of course is the classic Geto Boys cut, “Damn it Feels Good To Be A Gangsta”.

This is the rough, non mixed version of the song. The mixed/mastered version will be available in time for homecoming 2012. If you like, please share it on your blog.


Tony Ducks – “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gamecock”


By the way, the #13 South Carolina Gamecocks play the Tennesse Vols tonight at 7:15 pm.


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One Response to “Tony Ducks – “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gamecock””

  1. akshun

    not a gamecock fan, but he knows his southern hip hop and the song is dope. thumbs up.

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