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Block reader comment:

Seriously though. YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE “DONDADA”some shine on your site. He is the illest SC rapper I have heard thus far. He got three vidoes on youtube and two on Worldstar (Accapella) that are sicker than any of these joints you got on your site. Plus he from Greenville SC.You GOT to check him out!


14 Responses to “Dondada – Sideways (Acapella) [Video]”

  1. [MIC SKILZ]

    Reminds me of Scarface …

  2. Sly

    hot one. people definitely sleepin on greenville.

  3. Quell Keith

    dude’s dope but can he make a HOT SONG??

  4. Rocc

    hot..sound like scarface

  5. Khidd

    Plenty bars… but is this really a freestyle like people have been advertising? I doubt it… but the song is crazy

  6. Prince Akeem


  7. Prince Akeem

    you know how hard it is to rap and make the beat with your hands?! that’s talent

  8. Nanci O

    I knew it was serious when Lil Duval sent out a tweet about Don Dada.

  9. WorldWideGeoff

    G-Vegas stand up….

  10. @directedbybank


  11. what?

    Yo thats whats up man. Good Looking out on the quote!!!

  12. t. corallo

    Dude is nice. Reminds me of a Scarface/Mystical. @Quell this was obviously written and performed in song format. Beat, Verses, Hooks.. I’d say he can make a hot song. You’d be deaf if you didn’t think so.

  13. Shoe Diva

    If you said you weren’t nodding your head to this you are lying. Real hip hop is missed!

  14. Dj Shamann

    I know I’m late on this oe, heard it the other day but that was dope. I heard Scarface a little in the voice too but it’s a compliment not like he’s trying to sound like him.

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