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I was home in Charleston, SC at Fashion Week a few weeks ago and attended Damon Dash’s BluRoc party. At the time I didn’t really understand why Dame Dash was throwing a party in Charleston, of all places… I mean, I know he signed McKenzie Eddy, who’s a singer/songwriter from Hilton Head, SC, to his label, so it made a little sense, but I didn’t think much of it other than that. And when we saw the dude, it was still a reaction like, “what the f-ck is he doing here?”

Fast-forward to this week and I stumbled on a Dame Dash interview that pretty much detailed Dame’s mastermind plans to relocate to and takeover Charleston.

It’s still random but read his quotes for yourself:

“This is what my friends say about Charleston, all of them, ‘I love Charleston, I’m going to retire there’. I feel like why do people want to wait to live a good life when their older. Why wait? That should be the trick… to live a really good life and kind of monetize having fun. So I think that also can happen in Charleston. So I want it to be the new New York. ” – Dame Dash

If you read the entire article is does make sense. Dame is looking to build his DD172 company around not only music, but art and fashion too. And believe it or not, Charleston is growing city with a strong influence in fashion and art, seeing as though events like Charleston Fashion Week and Spoleto are some of the biggest fashion and art events in the country. Not to mention, Charleston is ranked annually among the top cities in the US for tourist and travel. Dame might be on to something…

I tell people back home all the time that they need to get the hell up out of Charleston and SC in general, in order to prosper but who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

Of course, he hasn’t been in the limelight since his split from Jay-Z, but you have to respect his track record and his time as CEO during the Roc-A-Fella dynasty. I’ll have to keep an eye on what Dame has planned for my hometown. And if any of you are interested, hit the link below to see what Dash has planned for Chucktown, SC.

Interview: A Conversation With Damon Dash & Local 172 Pops Up In Charleston

10 Responses to “Welcome To Charleston, Dame Dash”

  1. lank

    you see ben fagan in the pics

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Ben Fagan is the king of Charleston

  3. Quell Keith

    this a good look for SC

  4. Crispy Denali

    I’m glad to see somebody see the potential we have in sc instead of talking down on us. If you want to make a difference you got to live here & make a difference not sit behind your computer somewhere out of sc & post a couple of songs & articles thinking you’re doing something. Thanks Dame for giving us some kind of hope.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    You don’t have to live in SC to have influence on SC. But good thing I don’t sit behind a computer all day and think I’m doing something. Thanks for visiting The Block.

  6. boi-dan

    Crispy is a crab in a bucket. Ole I’ll never leave the projects how much money I get negro.

    Everybody should leave Charleston and
    a) come back and share what you
    b) stay away but come back to help whenever you can.

    We got stop putting slave shackles on each other. There is plenty of ways of giving back.

  7. boi-dan

    a) come back and share what you learned*

  8. Randy Exclusive


  9. akshun

    good view boi-dan

  10. Benjamin Starr

    S/o to Randy Roper tho — Peace King!

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