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K.R.I.T.’s Def Jam debut album Live From The Underground hits stores on June 5th.

10 Responses to “Big K.R.I.T. – “I Got This” (Video)”

  1. Khidd

    Weakerst K.R.I.T track I’ve heard to date …

  2. Sly

    krit’s first and last single. smh

  3. Randy Exclusive

    I thought it was just me

  4. akshun

    i like it and what it stands for

  5. Randy Exclusive

    What it stands for doesn’t sell records. Krit needs a hit asap.

  6. Nanci O

    Also the fact that K.R.I.T. also announced he’ll be producing most of his album is quite worrisome.

  7. akshun

    oh yeah. selling records. well ima buy it if it matters.

  8. Randy Exclusive

    LOL @ worrisome

  9. future

    Said the same thing about J. Cole and look what happened.

  10. Randy Exclusive

    J. Cole started making hits

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